Play Blackjack Scratch Online at Canada

Card tables are a natural choice at any casino, whether it is online or brick and mortar. Most punters we know like a little variety in their lives once in awhile, though, and that’s why we are bringing you a fresh perspective on a classic card casino game that you probably love already. The Blackjack Scratch cards take all of the familiar fun that comes with a Blackjack game, and combines it with the fast and easygoing nature of our scratch card games online. The results are quick rounds with high payouts and little effort, all wrapped in a comfortable card challenge package. Like the idea? Then find out more right now!

How to Play Blackjack Scratch

The screen opens up on a typical Blackjack table, and that green felt background will make the perfect setting for a new twist. The Blackjack Scratch offs provide everything a gambler could ask for, and it is probably the easiest learning curve you’ll ever find. Here is a quick breakdown of how you play:

  • Select a card value. This can be anywhere from a pittance to a major purchase, but you can usually find something in the middle that will fit your budget and your personality.
  • Next hit Play. Don’t trust the card you’ve got? You can always press Shuffle to receive a new card on the spot. The auto play will also give you a little reprieve from all of that clicking that you might get bored of after awhile. You can always top the auto play option in the middle if you see your bankroll ebbing or if you want to take things manual for a bit.
  • Once you’ve settled on playing a round, the dealer will deal out three chips and three hands. You get to play each of the three hands against the dealer’s own hand. if you get better than the dealer, then you will receive the prize amount that is revealed below the winning card hand. The amounts can range from a few bucks to major cash prizes like the 100,000 coins of your dreams! Keep playing until you hit that magical jackpot.

Blackjack Scratch & Beyond!

This is just a side note, obviously, you don’t need to know how to play Blackjack in order to play the Blackjack Scratch, but it will make things more enjoyable. If you have never played this classic card challenge before, you owe it to yourself to visit one of the card tables at our online casino right now, and give yourself a new experience of a lifetime!