Play Beetle Bingo Scratch Online at Canada

Anyone who saw a Bug’s Life knows that bugs aren’t as bad as we make them out to be (well, some of them, anyway). In fact, they’ve got a whole world of their own that we aren’t even aware of. With lives, families, jobs and concerns, insects live full lives that us human beings don’t even fathom when we are so quick to stamp them out for skittering past our feet. Well, you can catch a quick glimpse into the wonderful world that is happening underneath our very noses (and sometimes toes) by playing our Beetle Bingo Scratch cards. Step into our casino online now, and se what these little guys do for entertainment during their free time!

Beetle Bingo Scratch Setup

Sorry if you are a little squeamish, but Beetle Bingo Scratch is full of creepy crawlers with legs jittering about and wings flapping back and forth. If you aren’t a fan of the bug world, you might want to sit this one out! For those of you who can stomach it, you’re looking at a chance of winning up to 10000 coins, so it might be worth it for you to suck it up. So what’s this online casino game all about? If you look at the screen, you’ll see a lot going on. The first thing you might notice is the glass jar filled with colourful bugs swarming around. They’re trying to get out because they have your winning numbers to deliver. Next up, you see a leafy board with three rows of online scratch card games to play. You get three chances to win during every round. Nice! Finally, the numbers chart at the far right side of the board holds the key to success. Numbered one to 90, you are looking to match up your numbers with the numbers that will be highlighted on this board. How do numbers get highlighted? We’ll talk about that next.

Playing Beetle Bingo Scratch

Once you’ve purchased a card, you’ll shake the jar of beetles, and then set them free. They’ll dance along that bamboo shoot track, and line up in a row. Those numbers on the backs of the bugs will be highlighted on the grid above. When all the bugs are lined up, you can scratch away the leaves to reveal your own numbers and their values. The matching digits will be circled in black. You need to match up all five numbers on any one card in order to win. Play Beetle Bingo Scratch, and see if you can meet the challenge!