Play A Night Out Scratch Online at Canada

If you are looking for a good time, then maybe you should load up A Night Out Scratch offs, and get busy with some of the most beautiful ladies on the block! There is plenty to do, and so much to see, so hurry in, and don’t miss out on all this action.

How to Play A Night Out Scratch

The floor is open, and your sexy dates for the evening are waiting for you to ask them to dance. You’ll have your pick between blondes, brunettes and red heads, so there is truly something for everyone in these scratch card games online. Order up a few of these fruity drinks, or reserve a beer if you are a real man, and see where the night will take you! If you can focus on the playing board for a minute, you’ll see that it has a standard setup, three cards by three cards to make nine squares for you to play with. Your goal is to line up three of the same images in a row in order to access the cash prizes that they’re holding for you.

Scoring in A Night Out Scratch

You’ll be able to tell exactly how much your win is worth by looking at the pay chart that is sitting between the game board and the blonde bombshells on the screen. Each symbol pays out, but some are better than others. For example, you’ll only break even with a set of beers, but a strawberry daiquiri will already reward you with ten times your card’s value. If you keep escalating upwards towards the main attractions, you’ll find an even more worthwhile payout. The brunette is on the lower end of the scale, bringing in a nice 50 times your card amount. The red heads are really getting things going with 100 times the value, but the most exciting score of A Night Out Scratch offs are the blondes in triplicate. Not because we have a preference to these lovely ladies, but because those icons will deliver 5000 times the amount you paid for your card! That is a dizzying amount of cash to walk away from, so, if you’re smart, you’ll be betting on the blondes tonight.

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