Play 3 Clowns Scratch Online at Canada

You’ll be glad to hear that the circus is in town, and it is as colourful and as exciting as you remember it was from your childhood! Now you can keep the momentum going with our new online scratch card game with the same theme. Play our 3 Clowns Scratch offs, and relive the fond memories of candyfloss, exploding magical wonders and terrifying feats from on high. Most of all, send in the clowns!

The stage is set, and now everyone is just waiting for the ringmaster to make his announcements before the action can start. The three-ring tent is decked out, and the three by three playing board is loaded up with all the items you would expect to find in a circus-themed game. Get tickets, tents, balloon animals, rabbits popping out of hats, juggling equipment, flaming rings, animals doing stunts and of course the stars of our 3 Clowns Scratch cards themselves.

How to Win at 3 Clowns Scratch

Whether his name is Bozo, Bonko or any other derivative, the goal is the same; match up three clowns in a row, and you’re the lucky winner. Since there are so many ways to win, this happens fairly often, as you will see when you start to play a few rounds. How much you win is determined by the prize box at the top of the grid. You’ll see how it changes amounts at random each time you buy a new card, and the amounts vary from a single unit all the way up to 10K! The more expensive the scratch card online casino games you are playing, the higher the prizes will range.

3 Clowns Scratch Features

Playing the 3 Clowns Scratch off cards is a lot of fun, and it is even more entertaining when you take advantage of some of the shortcuts that we have provided you with. A function like the Scratch All button is there to make your life easier one step at a time. Use this particular trick to clear away the card quickly, so you don’t have to wait around to see if you have won or not. The Auto Play button is another advantage that we are giving our members. It means that you won’t be tied to the computer or even to the keyboard. Instead, the machine is going to do everything for you. It’s just one of the many wonders that you can enjoy when you join the greatest online casino around, Canada!