Play Virtual Horses at Canada

We all love a day at the races, standing beside the winning post waiting expectantly as the pounding of hooves grows ever closer and the heart beats faster in anticipation of your horse crossing the line ahead of the rest of the field. Well, now you can experience a truly thoroughbred time by playing Virtual Horses in which you can place a wager on a race and then watch all the thrilling action as it unfolds, accompanied by some great commentary to increase the excitement. You won’t get stuck in a traffic jam playing Virtual Horses because you are at the head of the queue and have the best view in town. The horses are preparing to enter the stalls, so let’s examine the form in search of a winner.

Virtual Horses is a firm favourite

There are 72 possible bets in this classic fixed-odds game, just one from our wide selection on offer in our online casino. But, before the first race starts, you must decide which kind of bet you want to place. There are eight horses running in every race and there are three options from which to choose. Firstly, you can simply choose which horse is going to finish first by selecting a stake from the bottom of the table and placing it in the win column. If you wish, you can choose more than one horse. Secondly, you may want to stick your stake in the ‘place’ column which means you are backing the horse to finish in the top three at reduced odds.

Forecast looks good whatever the weather

We’re nearly under starters orders in one of our best online casino games, but we just have time to tell you about the third type of bet, the forecast in which you predict the order that the first two horses will pass the winning post. Because this is more difficult to predict than a win or a place, the odds are much bigger, but you can choose as many as the 56 available forecasts as you wish. Now that you’re in the picture, it’s time to place your bet, click ‘Bet Now’ and watch the horses charge down the straight. With Virtual Horses and any of our online arcade or casino games, you are on to a winner!


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