Play Rock Paper Scissors Arcade Game Online at Canada

Hands have been used as a form of communication since the earliest times, but did you know that you can even make a fortune pitting one hand against another? Well, that’s just what you are doing when you play Rock Paper Scissors at our casino online. You’ll be playing against a formidable foe, another hand warrior just like yourself. See if you are man, er, hand enough to beat your opponent for the win and glory!

Modern Day Rock Paper Scissors

We all played it as kids, and it is probably still used today to settle the occasional argument among friends. Rock Paper Scissors is one of the simplest online casino games to learn, and yet, they’ve managed to use technology to create a modernized version that will keep you busy for hours. The premise of the game is to beat your opponent based on a predetermined hierarchy of moves. Rock crushes scissors, scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, and thus goes the circle of arcade games. With the help of some computers and nifty graphics, though, you have a new version of the game that makes things even more entertaining than they were before. Now the play is basically the same, but we’ve added a little flavor to the presentation. Take a look.

Rock Paper Scissors Rules

The screen opens up to a fighting match scene. There are two fighters in the middle of an open ring, and the crowd surrounding them is raucous and excited. You might notice something unusual about these two opponents, though, possibly the fact that they are two hands instead of actual people! You might wish to object, but when you think about the fact that two hands are ideal for a game of Rock Paper Scissors, you decide that we’ll go with that. Now comes the gambling angle. You need to wager an amount, and, in this version, there is a tremendous range of denominations. You can bet as low as ten cents or as high as 100 units if you wanted to! Pick your numbers, and keep things moving.

Now pick your move. You already know the hierarchy of moves, as explained above, and from many rounds that you’ve played in the past. Select your move, and then watch the two hands go at it. They’ll jump up, and fall at each other in the move position of choice. If you win, you collect you winnings according to the payment amounts on the right side of the screen. Otherwise, you’ll just have to visit our online arcade games section, and play another round of fun!