Play Pop Bingo Arcade Game Online at Canada

What is one of the most addictive foods you could think of? If you answered popcorn, then you can join the crowd of the millions of other folks out there who said the same thing! There is something irresistible about that fluffy, white bowl of salty goodness that just entices you into yet another handful and another and another. It’s no surprise, then, that the theme of our Pop Bingo is as popular as the name would suggest! Come in, and enjoy a few rounds of this addictive casino games online delight. Just make sure you bring plenty of snacks for the way!

Pop Bingo – It’s so POPular!

Pop Bingo is a bingo style online arcade game that has a lot of potential to keep you popping the whole time you are playing. There is a board with 90 numbered squares on it. Each round begins with a card that has fifteen numbers already chosen from the grid as the goal of the round. Once the popping starts, you are aiming at matching those numbers with pops from the basin at the bottom of the grid. The fewer pops you use to fill your card, the higher your payout will be in the end. Watch the paychart at the top of the screen to get an idea of how this works. Notice that it begins on the top row, left side at 40 pops worth 1K. It quickly depreciates in value, though, as 45 pops is only 100 and 50 pops is already down to 10. Better hurry up, and make your move fast, while there are still winnings to be won!

Maximizing the Payouts in Pop Bingo

You’ll notice another thing about the pay table is that you can alter the amount of winnings by changing up the bet value. The higher the bet, the higher the prize payouts will be. For example, the numbers given above were for the lowest denomination of betting possible for one round of Pop Bingo. If you raise it up to two units, the highest wager, though, you are looking at totally different numbers. The 65-pop win will deliver that same ten units, while graduating upwards, you’ll receive 20, 100, 200, 2000 and even 20K as the pops get fewer! That is a hefty sum to walk away with, so get popping already.

Pop Bingo is an entertaining option that you can really sink your teeth into. So head straight for our online casino gaming center right now, and eat your heart out!