Play Knockout Arcade Game Online at Canada

If you were expecting a pretty blonde in a short skirt from this game, then you might be a little disappointed! In fact, Knockout is a boxing challenge that puts you inside the ring and pits you against one of the fiercest fighters of all. If you think you are up for the match, then load it up, and who knows, maybe that pretty face will be waiting for you after you become heavy weight champion!

Getting Ready for the Knockout

The screen loads with a view of the boxing ring, and this is really where all of the action takes place. Before you begin the fight, though, you have to select your boxer of choice. Both are formidable athletes with muscles ripping through their shirts, so you have a safe bet no matter which way you go. Next you’ll be asked to put down a bet. This part of the game can be as significant or as inconsequential as you want it to be. Frequent gamblers will want to use their own method of betting, a system or a style that you’ve worked out already. More casual players might just want to enjoy these online arcade games for the novelty of it. If that’s the case, you can wager the minimum amount, and you will have plenty of cash left in your bankroll to play for hours.

Knockout – Hit Him Where it Hurts!

Now it’s time for the actual fight. If you’ve ever watched a boxing match before, then you know how this goes. You punch the other guy out, and keep punching until he goes down right? Only, it’s not so simple, as you might have come to realize. You’ll need to carefully plan your moves and execute those thrusts in order to take down your opponent. Remember, he’s a big guy too! In Knockout, you have five different moves that you can choose from. Try out each one to get a feel for the different punching styles, or go with the one that feels right to you. Once you’ve thrown your punches, the game ends. If you’ve succeeded in taking down your opponent, then you will be paid according to the payment table. Then you can wind up, and get ready for another shot!

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