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There is something appealing about a lottery game that gamblers just can’t seem to stay away from. Unlike other randomly generated betting challenges, a lotto style game like online Keno actually lets you have a lot more interaction than you might be used to. After all, you are the one picking the wager amount, the Keno numbers that will be the goal of the round and how many rounds you want to play consecutively. That is a lot of collaboration on your part, and that’s what makes this one of our most exciting online arcade games of all. Take a stab at planning your own win today!

Keno – Take a Load Off

Online Keno is a simple sport that holds a lot of entertainment value within it. People enjoy playing this one because it doesn’t have any complicated rules or caveats to win. It’s a straight up, simple play that is just fun to shoot through. In fact, with betting amounts as low as ten cents, players can breeze through tens of rounds without batting an eyelash. If you like the idea of relaxing while you enjoy the excitement of a gambling spree, then here is how to take advantage of these grids the best.

Keno Rules Explained

To begin with, let’s explain the rules of play. The online Keno board is a grid of 80 numbers arranged in columns and in order for easy reference. To begin playing, choose a wager amount. This can be altered by pressing on the plus and minus signs to either side of the amount window. Once you’ve done this, you can select your Keno numbers. There are a possible ten slots to fill, but you do not have to choose all ten if you don’t want to. The advantage of choosing more numbers is that the winning values grow as you select more digits. It is also easier to get more matches with more numbers on the board. Some people would rather just stick with a few numbers and hope for the best. Whatever your style is, you can have fun at this stage of the casino game online.

Next you should click either Play One or Play Five to get things moving. If you selected Play One, the Keno balls will come flying out of the tube and onto the grid in fast succession. You can quickly see how many matches you’ve made by looking on the grid or by watching the results board to the right of the screen. At the end of the round, you will be paid according to the paychart on the left of the screen. Ready for some fun? Then let our online casino show you how it’s done!

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