Play Heads or Tails Arcade Game Online at Canada

If you have ever had to make a decision that you just couldn’t settle on one of the choices, then you know how useful a coin flip can be. Well, now that handy coinage is back and it’s ready to make you some real money. When you play our Heads or Tails game, you are putting that coin to the test. See if it will make you the kind of money you have been looking for, and always remember to have fun all the while!

How to Play Heads or Tails

The rules are simple: guess whether the coin will land on heads or on tails. But this is an online casino game, so there has got to be more to it than that, right? For starters, you are placing a bet to make things just a little more interesting. Win the coin toss, and you win real money. Lose, and the same amount goes out the window. What’s more, you can select multiple options to determine a greater or easier win. For example, if you choose the Flip x3 button, then you are saying that you think the outcome you have chosen will come up three times in a row. That’s a little risky business because if you are wrong even once, you lose your bet. Are you ready to take that challenge? That’s what makes this so exciting!

In addition to choosing between one, two or three coin flips, when you play Heads or Tails, you can also play with two coins. This option lets you flip two coins consecutively and choose two separate outcomes. This is different than selecting Flip x2 because you are saying that one coin will land on Heads and the other will land on Tails (whereas the Flip x2 option says you think the same coin will land on the same result twice.) The other difference is that the payouts vary depending on all of these factors that you can choose.

Heads or Tails & Other Arcade Games

Who would have thought that a simple game of Heads or Tails could get so complicated? If you like the idea of online arcade games meeting modern technology, then you should visit our gaming lobby right now. We have loads of other classic arcade style games that will fill you with nostalgia and make you want to sit down and watch reruns of your favourite old time TV shows! These online casino games all have a modern twist, though, that keep them interesting, so you’ll be coming back for more action whenever you get the chance. Can’t wait to see you back here again!