Play Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot Arcade Game Online at Canada

What could be better than finding a magic genie inside a bottle who has to grant you your heart’s desires? Finding an awesome array of online arcade games that will do almost the same thing! When you play Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot, you are getting the greatest opportunities to have a blast and make some cash at the same time. And, after all, isn’t that what you would wish for if you had the chance to make a wish? We want to make your dreams come true, so visit our gaming lobby now, and load it up!

Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot – Take it to the Next Level!

Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot is the more advanced version of the original game by this name. The standard version can be played through our free mode and is available to anyone who wants to try it out, so give it a whirl right now. The Jackpot version, on the other hand, is a more exclusive club that only our members are invited to take part in. Why are we being selective? Because this version comes will a major prize that only people who are serious about their gaming hobby deserve to get in on. feel free to join our club, and then you can play too!

How to Play Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot

For our dear members who do hold a real money account, here is how to play the thrilling and profitable Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot. In fact, the online casino game is quite elementary, but getting through all eleven rounds can be really tricky. In essence, this is a guessing arcade game, but it’s got some strategy to it as well. You are guessing on the outcome of a fan of cards. Choose one to get things started, after you have placed your bet, of course. Now your job is to determine what the next card will be. You don’t have to know the exact value of the card, you just have to predict whether it will be of a greater value or lesser value than the one currently being displayed. Select another card from the fan, and see if you were right. You are also asked to guess the colour of the next card, but this is an optional bet that you do not have to take if you don’t want to. Play continues at our online casino until you guess wrongly or win the round!

The best part of all is the progressive jackpot that is calling to you all the time. Each round that is played by anyone on our server contributes to the growing jackpot, and it is just itching for some lucky Canada member to win it! Maybe it will be you, so dive right in.