Play Dice Twister Arcade Game Online at Canada

Like many of our other arcade games, Dice Twister has loads of betting choices, and that is probably what make it so much fun. With so many variations available, you can play hundreds of rounds without ever repeating the same wager. It is almost like a side challenge for yourself to see how many combinations you can create. Of course, the smart punter will use logic and math to craft the perfect winning strategy, but most people won’t take the time to do that. Instead, you can just have fun picking a choosing from the variations, and be sure to change it up frequently so you can get a taste of each of the categories. That being said, let’s look at what some of those categories are to give you a better idea of what you are playing with.

How Betting Works in Dice Twister

There are three main categories in Dice Twister, though there is a lot of variety even within each one. The first section we’ll start with is the Totals option. This wager attempts to predict the overall outcome of the spin. With three dice rolling, you can have a minimum of three and a maximum of 18. Excluding those two numbers, you can bet on any number in between as the total sum of the roll. If you are right, it will pay out nicely, especially the more extreme numbers like four and 17.

The second category is the Of a Kind section. This wager is about how many of a certain number will show up on the dice. Do you fancy the number four in this casino game online? How many times do you think you can get the number four to appear on the dice? Guess correctly, and you’ll be rewarded with two, three or 15 times your wager depending on the number you selected.

Finally, the even bets are left. These bets are safer because the odds are more in your favour. On the other hand, wagers like odds or evens will not payout nearly as well as some of the other options on the board. Select from Odds/Evens/Mix or Hi/Mid/Lo ranges within this category.

Play Dice Twister Now!

Once you have played around with all of those betting options, it’s time to roll the dice. Push the button, and watch the dice spin into action. When they stop, you can see clearly which numbers they’ve landed on. Do any of these match your wagers? Then you’ve got a winning round of Dice Twister, and you should try for another one at our casino online!