Play Bonus Bowling Arcade Game Online at Canada

When it comes to the sport of bowling, you either love it or hate it. If you are the type who goes to leagues, has his own ball or plays on a regular basis, then you’ll be happy with our next edition of online arcade games excitement called Bonus Bowling. It’s got everything you love about the online casino game, plus a fabulous cash prize for winning just to keep things interesting! So grab your favourite round-toed shoes, and let’s hit the lanes.

Bonus Bowling Game Play & Betting Options

Bonus Bowling is not a difficult game to play especially if you are already familiar with the concept. The idea is to predict how many pins you’ll be able to knock down with your bowling ball or balls. As you can see, the right hand side of the screen is filled with various betting options that you can choose from. You could opt for:

  • A Strike. This term refers to a situation where you will knock down all of the pins with one ball on your first try. While this is a challenging task, if you are good at bowling and think you can make the shot, it is the best bet to select because it has the highest payout of them all.
  • A Spare. A Spare is the next best option. This means you have successfully knocked down all of the pins in two tries. It’s not as good as a Strike, but you are still doing really well if you can manage a Spare. Note: If you knock down all of the pins on your second ball, this is still considered a Spare and not a Strike since you had to use two balls to get the job done.
  • However many pins you think will be knocked down over the course of the two-ball round. You could bet on zero to three, four to six or seven to nine. These all have the same odds and the same payout, so your guess is as good as any.

Now that you know the various wagers that can be made, it’s time to run through the gameplay. You’ll place a bet, and then press the Throw button. The ball or balls will be thrown, and our online casino will pay you according to the results of these throws.

Specialty Items in Bonus Bowling

While Bonus Bowling doesn’t have any unique characters or wild cards, it does have a bonus round (hence the name). The Golden Frame round is a separate game that multiplies your winnings tremendously. If you manage a Strike during one of these rounds, then you’ll be walking away with ten times your initial wager!