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Online Craps

Are you ready to play the best online craps on the internet? Play online craps at Canada's premier online casino and sharpen your gaming skills, win money, and have loads of fun! At Canada you'll have the choice to play at a real-money table or you can learn how to play at any of our practice tables.

Tips and Tricks at Online Craps

Knowing how to play craps and knowing the rules of craps will help increase your chances of winning. Here's how you play: Place your bets at the table on either the Pass or Don't Pass lines. Then you'll roll the dice. For a Pass bet, if you roll a 7 or 11 then you win instantly. A roll of a 2, 3, or 12 and you lose automatically, and a roll of any of the remaining numbers will give you a "point number." At that point, you'll continue rolling the dice until you score that same point number again. If you roll a 7 before rolling your point number, you'll lose; but if you get your point number first, you'll win!

If you choose to bet on the Don't Pass option, then your terms of play will be switched. In this case, a 7 or 11 will lose initially and a 2 or 3 will win. If you receive a point number and then roll a 7 before hitting the point again, then you'll win; if you get the point again before rolling a 7, then you'll lose.

Craps History

Most historians believe that the history of craps dates back to the twelfth century when it was known as Hazard. It originated in Great Britain and quickly became a popular online casino game that was played in taverns. Hazard soon penetrated the rest of Europe when the French renamed it to craps before introducing it to the United States.

Ready to Play Online Craps?

All you need to do to play online craps and other casino games at’s Canadian Casino is download our software and set up an account using our state-of-the-art software, place your bid, and roll those dice! If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact our support staff, available 24-7 for your convenience.