All American Videopoker

All-American Video Poker is the classic online poker experience. At Canada, you can enjoy the game that has hooked millions of players over many years. All-American Video Poker is in the same family as Aces & Faces, but key differences include payouts that are even more beneficial to the online videopoker player. So much so, that playing the perfect hand could see you receive 4000x your original bet!

How to Play Online All-American Videopoker

Like most online videopoker casino games, All-American Video Poker is played using a fifty two card deck. You will not find any wildcards in this game which is different to the game of Deuces Wild Videopoker. The minimum coin value is 25 cents while the maximum is $5. Four thousand coins is the ultimate payout. The number of coins bet in each hand can be varied.

Like in Aces & Faces, you have the opportunity to “Double” your winnings after each hand. If you decide to “Double” rather than collect, then you choose a face down card. If it's higher than the face up card, you double your winnings!

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