50 Line Joker Poker

For those of you unfamiliar with online videopoker games involving multiple lines, get ready to have some serious fun. 50-Line Joker Poker is one of the most thrilling casino games online at our Canadian Casino, where players are not limited to playing one line but rather fifty lines of Poker at the same time!

How to Play 50-Line Joker Poker

Similar to other online videopoker games, the first step in the process is to place your bet by selecting the appropriate quantity of coins. Once you press “Deal” you will the notice the screen split into 2 parts. The bottom part will display the main five card hand while the top part will show the other 49 hands. Note that the Joker is part of the pack and is considered a wild card.

Like with regular Joker Poker, you will take a look at your main hand and hold the cards that you want to keep. The computer will do the same process automatically for your other 49 hands, holding the cards that are potentially part of a winning hand. Once you press “Deal” a second time, your unwanted cards, along with the unwanted cards on the upper screen will be replaced. Any winning hand from within the 50 lines will pay out.

The 50-Line Joker Poker Bonus Game

Similar to other online videopoker games at our online casino, you have the chance to gamble your winnings in the hope that you will double the amount. If you choose to do so, you will come up against the dealer, each player selecting one face-down card. If the value of your card is higher than that of the dealer then you are a winner and you instantly double your winnings. If it is lower then you forfeit the entire bet.

Play 50-Line Joker Poker Now at our Canadian Casino

Download the Canadian Casino software, set up an account and get wild by playing 50-Line Joker Poker. With 50 simultaneous hands you have a big chance of winning cash prizes. You can also play one of the other online videopoker games at our online casino such as Megajacks or Deuces Wild.

50-Line Joker Poker at our online casino: the primary online casino experience.