4-Line Deuces Wild Videopoker

Casino.com Canada is offering you the chance to crank it up a little. If you enjoyed Deuces Wild and are ready to get even wilder then come and play 4-Line Deuces Wild Videopoker. There are 4 times as many cards so 4 times as much fun. What are you waiting for?

How to Play Online 4-Line Deuces Wild Videopoker

The nice thing about 4-Line Deuces Wild Videopoker is that it is an easy game to play. The challenge comes in the fact that because the 2’s are wild, the lowest winning hand is Three of a Kind and the payouts for particular hands are lower. However one of the major benefits is that with 2’s being wild, you will find it easier to win on one of the hands that do pay out.

The game begins like other online videopoker games. Place your bet, press to “Deal” and receive your five card hand. You will see that the 2’s are held automatically and then you should hold the other cards you wish to keep. At this point you will see that the held cards will be duplicated in three other lines on the other part of the screen. You now have 4 identical partial poker hands. Once you “Deal” again, the missing cards will be dealt and you will have 4 complete Poker hands and may just be a winner.

The 4-Line Deuces Wild Bonus

Also like other online videopoker games, if you win, you’ll have the possibility to gamble those winnings trying to double them in seconds! Should you accept the challenge, you will be asked to draw a face-down card. The dealer will do the same and whoever has the highest value card wins. If that happens to be you then your winnings are doubled. If it is not, then they are wiped out along with your original bet.

Pay 4-Line Deuces Wild Now!

Download our Canadian Casino software, open your account today and get playing online videopoker games like 4-Line Deuces Wild. Alternatively you could try one of our other online casino games such as All American Videopoker or 2 Ways Royal.

Either way you’ll have a blast and a great chance to win cash prizes playing exciting casino games online at Casino.com Canada.