25 Line Aces & Faces Videopoker

If Aces & Faces is one of your preferred online casino games then you can play 25 lines of it simultaneously! With so much going on, not only do you have higher payout opportunities but you also have increased levels of excitement and an unrivaled buzz.

How to Play 25-Line Aces and Faces Videopoker

The game begins much like any other videopoker casino game whereby you place your wager, click on “Deal” and receive your primary five-card hand. After you’ve examined your hand, you hold the cards that you’d like to keep. At this point you will notice that the same held cards will appear on the upper screen as partial hands in twenty four other poker lines. Once you press “Deal” a second time, each of the twenty five lines will receive different replacement cards giving you twenty five full poker hands. Each hand obviously has an equal chance of winning you some money. Like in regular Aces and Faces, the lowest winning hand is a pair of Jacks.

Similar to other online videopoker games at our Canadian Casino like Joker Poker and Megajacks, if you are a winner, you’ll have the chance to double your winnings by playing an extra gambling game. This is optional but if you choose to play, it is just you against the dealer. Each player picks one face-down card and the one with the highest value wins. If you are the winner, you double your winnings; if you are the loser then you forfeit your winnings plus the original wager.

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