Play Keno Arcade Games Online at NZ

If you like bingo or number games, then Keno could be a good choice for you when you play real money casino games online with us at the New Zealand. Based on an ancient Chinese lottery-style game, it is a fun and simple to learn option that has become popular across the globe thanks to its simple rules and fast action.

How to play

To start your Keno game, set your coin amount using the + and - buttons and pick your preferred numbers from the grid – you can bet on between two and ten numbers in any one game. If you make a mistake or change your mind and want to deselect a number, simply click on it again to remove. You can start afresh and delete all numbers placed by clicking the Clear button.

The Payouts Table on the left of your screen shows the amounts you will win for each number, with the payouts depending upon the amount of numbers you select. The Payouts column shows the prize while the Hits column shows the bets. The more numbers you pick, the harder your odds of hitting all numbers and the higher your payout.

When you are ready to play, you can choose to either Play One (play one game at a time) or else Play Five (play five games in a row). When you hit either of the Play buttons, you will see 20 numbers drawn. If your numbers match those drawn, you win. If you selected Play Five, all your winnings will be added up once the five rounds are over.

How to stretch your bankroll

The best way to make your bankroll go further when you play Keno and other online arcade games is to bet strategically, making an informed decision on how many numbers you want to play. Do you prefer to get more mid level and low wins, or do like to play for the big time and go for the bigger, more difficult bets? Make sure you play in accordance with your taste.

Also keep your online casino bets within your limits – you don’t want to use your bankroll too quickly. So make sure your coin levels reflect this and give you as much time at the tables as possible for more chances to win. You can also double your bankroll right away when you open a real money account with us today; we’re currently offering all new players 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) free with our special Welcome Bonus.

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