Play the Wild Ride Slot Game

The Wild Ride slot game tells the story of an explorer and his dog as they venture around the world in a hot air balloon. It has a similar aesthetic and story to a certain high-flying Pixar film and will go down well with fans of the 2009 blockbuster.

Wild Ride is one of many adventurous slot games currently available at and you can play it on mobile and desktop right now!

Main Features

  • Game Type: 5 Reels, 3 Rows, 25 Paylines
  • Return to Player (RTP):95.78%
  • Volatility: Medium to High
  • Themes: Animation, Adventure
  • Release Year: 2020

The options for changing bet sizes are located on the bottom left of the Wild Ride game screen and you’ll see the spin options on the right. There are also two icons in the bottom right of the screen.

The first of these looks like a speedometer and initiates Turbo Mode, which increases the speed of the reels. Next to this is the auto-play icon and this immediately triggers a series of spins.

Play for Fun (Practice Mode)

Wild Ride is a fun little slot with some unique features, and you don’t even need to pay to experience these. All games are available in practice mode and accessible without a real money wager. You just need an account and you’re good to go.

Play for Real Money

When you’re ready to make a real money wager, just add some cash to your account and start spinning the reels. You can find our many deposit options in the cashier, including debit cards and web wallets.

Remember to set an affordable stake and stick to your budget at all times.


9 consecutive wins take you to the top of the Wild Ride meter. At this point, a win of 1,000x will be triggered, turning a $10 stake into $10,000! What’s more, the many re-spins and wilds that will trigger before this point will also generate a number of big payouts.


  • Coin Sizes: Wild Ride works in coins and wagers 1 coin per line. However, you can’t change the number of lines that you play and will always wager 25x more than the coin amount. Look to the bottom-left of the game screen to see the value of your coins and the total cost of your spin.
  • Symbols
    • Main: Man, Dog, Compass, Suitcase, Spyglass
    • Standard: Colourful Gems
    • Wild: Air Balloon Wild
    • Scatter: Boost Wild
  • Additional Bonus Rounds
    • Ascending Balloons: Every time you win, the balloon soars into the sky and the meter increases. This continues until you lose, at which point you’ll return to ground level and the meter will reset.
    • Respins and Wilds: Re-spins and wilds are awarded when players ascend at least three levels.
Symbol2 on a Payline3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Red Gem-15x35x120x
Purple Gem-15x35x120x
Blue Gem-10x25x75x
Green Gem-10x25x75x
Yellow Gem-5x15x50x
Light Blue Gem-5x15x50x

Wild Ride opens with a short animation showing the human and canine protagonists as they hop in a hot air balloon and ascend into the skies. Once the game opens, you’ll see a 5x3 grid underneath an image of the balloon and its occupants. There is also a meter in the top-right corner that shows a series of ascending numbers with an amount at the top.

All of these things are connected, and they combine to create the main feature on Wild Ride. If you spin the reels and win, you’ll move one square up the meter and the hot air balloon will also rise, taking you into the skies.

If you keep winning, the meter will continue to fill, and the balloon will ascend further. Re-spins and wilds will be added during each increment and if you make it to the end, you’ll have a chance of scooping the big prize!

The wild symbol contributes to these winning lines and also offers a grand prize of 1,000x when it fills an entire payline.

It’s worth noting that Wild Ride doesn’t use chain reaction reels, also known as rolling reels. The wins come from separate spins and are not an extension of one spin, so if you make it to the 9th level it means you’ve taken 9 spins.

There is also a scatter symbol. This offers an instant win of 2x to 200x when between 3 and 5 appear anywhere on the reels. It also shifts you to a random level.

Software and Mobile

Grab your mobile device to play Wild Ride on the go. Whether you’re enjoying the skies in a hot air balloon or keeping your feet firmly on the ground, a mobile device gives you the perfect opportunity to explore this game’s many great features.

The sounds, the graphics, the animations—Wild Ride was made for mobile and it looks perfect on small HD touchscreens.


Wild Ride is just one of many slot games that will take you on a whirlwind adventure, with others including Book of Dead and Kong’s Temple. Sign up for an account, collect your Welcome Package, and start spinning your way to big payouts today!