Play Wild Gambler Slots Online at Canada

Bet you think you are pretty hot stuff, the kind of punter who isn’t afraid to take on some big challenges and place some major bets? Well, even the ballsiest wager-makers can’t stand up against the Wild Gambler! This crew of jungle characters is tougher than shoe leather and they’re here, ready to make your day. So if you think you can handle the heat of the African safari, then head over to our online casino now, and see if we can make a winner out of you!

Wild Gambler Wild Gambler Wild Gambler

Wild Gambler Symbols & Features

So, now it’s time to meet the gang. The lion is the joker card for these casino games. This means he stands in for all other icons, so hope to find him often for greater chances of winning. Wild Gambler has a unique function that allows you to lock a specific pattern of these symbols into place in order to give you an even greater payout than usual. Just click the Lock and Spin button to keep one lion symbol in its place. You can create your own customized pattern or you can let the system generate one for you at random. Obviously, locked in icons will be worth more than the randomized ones, so weigh the options accordingly.

More Wild Gambler Icons

Wild Gambler also has some standard characters that will pay out, though, not like the specialty icons. Check out how much each of these animals are worth on the chart, and keep your fingers crossed for the big winners: find rhinos, cheetahs, zebras and flamingos throughout these slots online. The royal suite is also dressed to kill with tiger stripes, leopard spots and other outrageous costumes that help them blend right into the rest of the crowd. These are all symbols that you will find regularly along the lines and will pay out according to the pay charts provided for you. The elusive meerkats play a different role, though. Get enough of them together (five to be exact), and you’ll be rewarded with eight free spins! This is an exciting feature that many of our online casino games host, but in this version it is even more enjoyable thanks to the adorable characters that scamper across the screen when you win.

If you are ready for an awesome offsite betting experience, then check into Canada today. Not only will you find the greatest selection of punting entertainment around, but you’ll also get loads of amazing incentives like you have never seen before!