Play Wanted Dead or Alive Slots Online at Canada

Were you a fan of the Wild West films that featured the quiet town that needs a simple hero to chase away the sinister bandits from within their midst? Well, you are in luck because we have just the slots online game for you! Wanted Dead or Alive brings you back to the good old days in the western towns that held all the shoot ‘em up excitement you could ask for. Gather round, and see if you can take down those dastardly devils once and for all.

Details About Wanted Dead or Alive

Whenever you are trying to take down a villain, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with them, first. Your three bandits for these reels are Mad Dog, Loco Devil and the one they just call Bandit, because he’s that bad! You’ll familiarize yourself with these good for nothings as you play each round, and you even get the opportunity to bring Mad Dog and his cohorts to justice in the bonus round, but we’ll get to that soon.

Wanted dead or Alive is limited in its variety of symbols, but what it has in payouts more than makes up for that shortcoming. The handgun is the bonus icon and if you get this image on the first and fifth reels, you will be invited in to choose the villain that you would like to attempt to bring in. Glistening sticks of dynamite are the wild symbol, and you’ll go wild with excitement when you take a look at how much five of these symbols are worth to you (hint, it’s a lot!) Finally, you’ll get to play some mini online casino games when you stack up three, four or five cash bags, so good luck!

Wanted Dead or Alive Bonus Features

The bonus round is a fun shootout between you and your preselected villain. But first, where is that scoundrel hiding? Is he holding up in the church or hiding behind a barrel of ale? Maybe he’s occupying one of the windows of the inn or taking cover behind the safety of the pub. There’s no telling where the trouble is going to come from until the bullets start flying, so be on guard! The fewer bullets you use to catch the bad guy, the better your haul will be at the end of the round.

Don’t forget to activate the dollar ball feature when playing Wanted Dead or Alive. This is a nifty feature that pays out in a lotto type fashion. Check out this and many other exciting options at our top rate online casino today!