Play Vikingmania Slots Online at Canada

The Vikings were a nomadic tribal people who lived a wide range from the 8th century through to the 11th. They traveled across Europe, Asia and many of the islands around that area, seizing, plundering and discovering new areas to settle where they would. This warring nation took up an interesting slice of history, and there was even a film starring Travis Fimmel and Katheryn Winnick. But that’s not the most exciting part about these people; it’s the Playtech created slots online option Vikingmania that we are most thrilled about! If this rowdy group of travellers excites and amuses you, then you’ll enjoy this entertaining rendition of history on reels. Take a look!

Vikingmania Highlights

Vikingmania is set in a quaint village somewhere in the mountains. The backdrop is a clear blue sky with great trees flanking the five reels. All the buttons and icons have a flavour that is indicative of the time, and the characters speak volumes! There is the chalice-drinking Viking with horn-capped humour, the wild boar (good for a light snack), the busty, red-headed wench, and the battle horn. The extra symbols also do well to continue the theme.

Vikingmania Features

Wild Card: The large, bearded Viking warrior is the wild symbol for these exciting online casino games. This fearsome character will show up on any of the three central reels (two, three or four) and, even more profitable, he will become an expanding wild symbol when you are playing the free spins you earn!

Scatter Symbol: The scatter is symbolized by an ancient map of the area. This will deliver ten free spins and a three times multiplier when activated properly.

Bonus Symbol: Best of all, though, is the bonus round of Vikingmania! Displayed when the hammer symbol shows up, the Viking Playtime bonus round is as much fun as it sounds like it would be! It’s a little tricky activating this online casino feature, but when you do, believe us, it’s worth the wait. A Viking is strapped to a bull’s eye type board for some friendly target practice! Use different weapons to throw at your buddy, and the more times you hit him, the better your haul will be.

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