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Thrill Seekers is a unique online slots game at our online casino as it has a whopping 50 paylines! This makes the game rather extreme but it is definitely a must for all the online slots fans out there. It is simply the “beast” of all the multi line slots games at our casino online. For extra fun there are some great symbols such as the hammer which is a bonus symbol, the admission ticket which is the scatter symbol and the clown which is the wild symbol.

Thrill Seekers Thrill Seekers Thrill Seekers

How to Play Thrill Seekers Online Slots

This game gives you the chance to either bet conservatively for some decent smaller prizes or bet big, up to $5,000 a spin, and shoot for some massive six-figure cash prizes! This adds to the intensity of the game but who ever won anything at the casino any other way? For the high-rollers out there, you will want to familiarise yourselves with the “Bet Max” button when placing your bets. Once you have placed your bet, “Spin” the reels and wait in anticipation of the reels coming to a halt.

If you get the hammer in one of your visual paylines, you have the chance to play the bonus feature. Simply strike the hammer onto the sensor and see how many bonus cash you have won!

Dollar Ball Bonus Feature

Like many of our other online slots casino games, this game features a Dollar Ball sidebet. Should you decide to play, you must bet $1 then choose five numbers between 1 and 49. If any of the 5 numbers chosen by the dealer match any of your numbers then you will win a bonus cash prize.

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Download our casino games online software, create a new account and start playing Thrill Seekers today! You can also play one of our other Dollar Ball online slots games such as What’s Cooking or Haunted House.