Real Money Tv Slots

The average Canadian watches more than 3 hours of TV every day and in the age of on-demand streaming and content binges, that number is increasing. If you’re one of the millions who watch TV every day and you can’t bear to miss your favourite show, the following TV-based slot games could be just what you’re looking for.

These officially licensed slot games are based on some of the most popular TV shows out there right now, from epic fantasy to detective shows, crime dramas, and even animated comedy. Whatever your style and your tastes, there will be a game or two to match  at  Casino sites in CA.


The following games are based on popular TV shows, some of which are still going while the others are long gone. You’ll hear familiar theme tunes and soundbites and will see some of your favourite characters.

Ted MegawaysA Megaways title filled with irreverent humour and big bonuses.96.03%
Gordon Ramsay’s Hell KitchenBased on the reality TV show of the name, only with no swearing or “idiot sandwiches” in sight!96.07%
JumanjiAn adventurous Slot Game based on the general Jumanji theme, as opposed to any of the films.96.33%
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationStep into the shoes of CSI detectives in this officially licensed Slot Game.95.18%
Game of Thrones 234 MegawaysA massive Megaways Slot Game based on the hugely popular GoT.95.07%
Top CatReveal Wild Reels, Free Spins, Roaming Wilds, and other big features.94.80%
Top Cat: Most WantedAnother string to the Top Cat bow, with additional features to unlock.96.12%
VikingsAn epic Slot Game for an epic series.96.05%
NarcosFind explosive symbols and action-packed reels in this intense title.96.23%
Pink PantherA light and comical Slot Game based on the animated Pink Panther TV show.95.39%


TV Slot Games are released to a great deal of fanfare and developers do their best to get them out there and ensure they are played.

Not only does this trigger a wealth of bonuses around the time of release, but you’ll also see some bonuses whenever the TV show is in the news, either because there is a new season coming out or everyone is eagerly anticipating a season finale.

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Many actors and actresses have made the leap from TV to film, and you can join them! Once you’re finished with slots based on popular TV shows, check out our games that are taken right from the silver screen, including everything from epic fantasy to irreverent comedy and more.

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What more reasons could you possibly need?

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