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Gold has been prized by humans for thousands of years. It’s rare, it’s unique, and it’s useful, but most importantly, it looks unlike anything else, and it triggers the inner magpie in all of us. Gold-themed slots put this precious metal in the spotlight and include symbols such as gold bars, gold coins, and other trinkets.

If you can’t get enough of this precious metal, these gold slots could be just what you’re looking for.


Gold is a common motif in online slot games and makes an appearance in dozens of games by several of the industry’s best development studios. However, the list below doesn’t focus on the games that make only a passing mention to this coveted metal.  These games are dripping in the malleable metal and explore its beauty, history, and more.

Go GoldGo for gold with this 4-row and 40 payline slot game from Skywind.95.63%
Gold Rally JackpotMine for gold and other gems and play for a progressive jackpot in the process.97.01%
5 Lions GoldA gilded game with an eastern flavor.96.5%
Gold KingThe Gold King is sitting on a pile of bullion and it’s your job to take some of it from him.96.52%
Midas GoldIt’s said that everything King Midas touched turned to gold. Spin the 243 paylines to see if you have just as much luck.94.27%
6 Tokens of GoldA retro slot with some big fixed jackpots to win.96.20%


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