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Enjoy multiple opportunities to win some payouts on Smash the Pig slots online: your 20 paylines offer real money online slots games from 0.20, with a jackpot of 10,000 coins, free spins, and two bonus games in play. The cartoon graphics are fun, accessibility is excellent with 24 hour games, and you get heaps of choice to play your online casino games your preferred way – including web software vs download, real money games for cash wins or Practice Mode with no deposit required. Sounds like fun? Then sign up and play to enjoy Smash the Pig right away!

Playing Basics and Bonus Features on Smash the Pig Slots

The two bonus games on Smash the Pig have different rewards but are equally fun! Pick a Pig gives you a pick ‘em game where you uncover prizes: this happens when three matching piggy money box scatter icons settle somewhere on the reels (even on paylines not activated). Your number of picks depends on how many scatters you land, and your prize could be as much as 20x your stake. You might also win another free pick! The Smashing Bonus is triggered with three matching bonus icons settle in sight – and again, these can be anywhere. You enjoy another pig pick ‘em game but this one continues until the meter on the right of your screen empties of ‘luck’. There are eight pigs at the start, and if you smash five with some luck remaining in your side meter, you’ll start over with another eight pigs for more on-the-spot winnings!

Ways to Win on Smash the Pig Slots Games Online

To win, you must form the combinations that the payout tables displays on your slots online reels, then you win the matching amount. Formations can be in either direction across your reels (L > R and R > L). You have a variety of icons on the Smash the Pig reels, including playing cards from Jack to Ace, plus hammers, coins, and stacks of bank notes. The logo is your biggest paying symbol, but you even win a payout for a minimum of three of the JQKA symbols, starting at 3 coins – the payout may seem small, but every little counts and they can add up! Here are some sample wins for this game in our online casino:

  • 5 smash the pig symbols for the jackpot of 10,000 coins
  • 5 coin icons for 1000 coins win
  • 5 money stacks for 500 coins in your bankroll
  • 5 mallets for 500 coins payout