Play Safari Heat Slots Online at Canada

If you appreciate a little art mixed in with your gambling entertainment, then you are going to really love Safari Heat. The screen is fully loaded with beautiful images and colors that will make the artist within you sing! All of the symbols, including the lion, the rhino, the elephant, the gazelle and the flamingo, have majestic hues of purples, greens and pinks swirling behind them. The playing screen itself has plenty of beauty to offer, as well. You’ll see a setting sun creating the quintessential red, orange and yellow streaks across the skyline, and the black shadows of the animals finish off the scene exquisitely.

How To Play Safari Heat

Even if you aren’t a major art connoisseur, you can still appreciate the beauty of a hefty jackpot win! Well, when you play Safari Heat, that’s what is waiting for you, so don’t waste another minute. New to the gambling scene? Then, we have just the thing for you. It’s a site chock full of useful information, tips and tricks to help you play better and win bigger! We’ll start you off on the right foot by explaining the basic rules of these online slots machines. Then, you can take your time browsing our site for all the great tidbits you are going to find. Happy punting!

The first thing you have to know about Safari Heat, or any other one of our online casino games, is that all results are generated from a computerized software that chooses the images at random. This way, you know everything is fair and there is never any chance of rigging the system for a win. Now that you know you are playing with a reputable establishment, we’ll get on with the tutorial. The idea is to place bets and hope that when you spin the reels, a winning combination appears. So, put down a few coins to start with, and press the spin button. You’ll see the reels start to move, and the images will slowly fall into place. What you have now is a screen full of images. If, within this web of icons, you find three matching images, you are a winner! There are lots of possibilities to win because of all the paylines, so you are more likely to be victorious than not.

Gamble Feature In Safari Heat

The gamble feature is an added twist that lets you bet what you have just made on a winning round in a double or nothing wager against the computer. It’s just one more way to have fun at our crackerjack online casino, so come on in today!