Play Penguin Vacation Slots Online at Canada

We could all use a little R and R every now and again to help us rejuvenate and get back into the swing of things with newfound energy and vigour. Surprisingly, animals can also take well to some time off once in awhile, and the black and white, sea faring, waddling birds definitely fall under this category as well. If you’d like to sit in on a nice family Penguin Vacation, then join Momma, Papa and the little tyke for some ice fishing, frozen delights and fun at our casino online now!

How to Play Penguin Vacation

Penguin Vacation is a five reeler, meaning the rounds are played out against five separate reels, and there are twenty possible paylines to open up. For the uninitiated, this means you have twenty times the potential to create successful matches than you would during a standard singe line option like Magic Slots or the Alchemist’s Lab. Check out some of the friendly symbols that you’ll be seeing a lot of during these rounds.

Penguin Vacation Features

These reels have some delicious ice cream snacks, a fully loaded suitcase ready for the holiday and a frosty set of royalty and high value cards ready to be played. Penguin Vacation also features some specialty symbols that work to give you even more wins during these online slots!

Wild Card: The free falling flightless bird (actually, according to ornithologists, these birds do fly. What appears to us to be swimming is actually termed flying under water!) is your wild symbol. He doubles your score when you use him to complete your sets. Also, the fun loving critter will pay ten thousand units if you get a sextuplet of these guys.

Scatter Symbol: Ice fishing has to be on the itinerary for a holiday like this, and so it plays a key role during these online casino games as well. The baited line dropping into a fishing hole is the scatter symbol for a Penguin Vacation, and it is going to catch you some real treats. Win up to thirty-three free spins with this little icon and you can also get fifteen times your gains with the right combination!

Who would have thought that online slots win real money for people? We would! After all, we’re the number one remote access gambling club, and we see people scoring the biggest jackpots every single day! Maybe today will be your lucky day, so give the reels a whirl and let’s see where they land!