Pachinko Online Slot Review


Pachinko is a Japanese-style 90-ball bingo-based slot game which offers you the chance to create as many win patterns as possible on 15-number tickets, with up to 4 tickets enabled at a time. There are 4 different game speeds, special features such as Extra Balls, Free Balls, and Wild Balls, plus wins of up to 5,000x your stake in a single win. If you’re looking for an online casino game that offers plenty of action but something a little different style-wise, why not give this a try?


  • Game Type: 90-ball video bingo
  • RTP: 95.82%
  • Volatility: High
  • Themes: balls, bingo
  • Provider:  Microgaming
  • Max Bet $: 25
  • Min Bet $: 0.5
  • Release Year: 2010


To try this unique game without any need to open an account or make a deposit, just click on the game image displayed and go straight to your Practice Mode tickets; you play with virtual chips and win virtual chips for plenty of fun.


To land the real cash wins on this game you need to play with real money; log in to or open a CA account and then make sure your bankroll is funded. We offer a wide range of payment method options that are suitable for players, as well as an everchanging range of casino bonuses for both new and returning players. Once you’re set up with your active account and funded bankroll, you can go to the lobby and play Pachinko for real money wins.


The jackpot of 5,000x your bet per ticket is won when you trigger the special feature and win the bingo prize during the first 30 balls drawn. All 4 tickets must be enabled to activate the jackpot and the jackpot amount up for grabs is displayed in the centre at the top of your screen.


Click on Bet per Ticket to select your bet value – you can bet between $0.05 and $25 – and then select your game speed: Slow, Normal (this is the default), Turbo and Instant.

Then, all 4 tickets will be enabled by default, but you can disable up to 3 tickets by clicking on the X in the top right of each ticket. You can also change the numbers on your tickets manually by clicking directly on them – this will replace them with a new set of 15 numbers. There will be no repeated numbers on any ticket.

A total of 30 balls will be drawn from the ball drum, with the drawn numbers marked on enabled tickets. Balls and tickets feature numbers 1-90.


There is a 400x your stake win during the Bonus pattern round, but you can also win up to 1.450x your ticket value in standard play and a jackpot of 5,000x your bet per ticket. 

You win when the marked numbers create a winning pattern. There are candidate numbers highlighted in yellow showing the number needed on the next draw to create a winning pattern; candidates for higher paying prizes may have more than 1 ticket highlighted. Multiple payouts can be claimed per ticket when new patterns emerge; if a new pattern is created from an existing win, only the larger win is paid.


Extra Balls: this feature triggers after the initial 30 ball draw if there is a minimum of 1 candidate for a win of 8x the bet per ticket or higher. Additional bets can be purchased to increase win potential. The cost of each Extra Ball is shown in the ball drum; click on each ball that you wish to purchase at the shown price.

Free Ball: you can win up to 5 Free Balls per round and all Extra Balls have the chance to be free; check out the ball drum to spot if you have been awarded Free Balls.

Wild Balls: some of the Extra Balls are wild; these allow you to select a number not called on any enabled ticket to help create more wins. The wild message will appear on the ball drum.

Bonus: land the special Bonus pattern to start a special feature.

  • There are 5 levels with Maneki-nekos in various colours which each hold a Koban; the Kobans hide either a prize or an exit message.
  • On level 1, players select a Maneki-Neko. If the Koban shows a prize, the player moves to the next level. If the Koban showed Exit, the feature ends.
  • The above repeats until all levels are completed or the player has ended the game with an Exit message.
  • Hidden prizes vary, with higher shelves hiding larger prizes – there is only 1 Exit message per shelf.


You can play this unique Microgaming bingo-style slot on laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet for 100% convenience. Windows, iOS and Android operating systems are all supported to bring you an exciting, reliable, fast-action game. You’ll find that the relaxing cicada effects and oriental music sound great through headphones, while additional sound effects help you to notice bonus features and wins. Play on our premium-quality casino games app today to experience secure login, exciting online Pachinko action, and access to all areas of CA at your fingertips.


The RTP is 95.82%

The jackpot is 5,000x your stake.

Other than the jackpot, you can also win up to 1,450x your ticket bet.

Yes, and you can switch between mobile phone and tablet devices.


A high-energy game for numbers lovers, Pachinko offers fast action and big wins up to 5,000x your stake. Perfect for players looking for a casino game with high energy that offers a unique casino games experience.