Play Mr. Cashback Slots Online at Canada

Mr. Cashback is here to earn you some well-deserved money that you can spend wherever you want. If you like the idea of winning big, then step inside our casino now and see what this happy chap can do for you today!

Mr. Cashback Details

Mr. Cashback is a 15 payline option that has everyone excited. This fun slot game keeps you going on the sheer excitement of the spins and the potential it has for winning you some hard cash. The title is not just about getting you some big bucks as you play to your heart’s content, though. In fact, there is an even more exciting element. Nobody likes losing, but Mr Cashback will pick you up with a cash prize when your luck is down.

Cash Back With Mr. Cashback

In Mr. Cashback, you have an even bigger opportunity to keep playing than in other online casino games. In this version, your losses can be made to work for you instead of against you. If you have a line that hasn’t paid out in 50 rounds, then you will win on this next spin regardless. It’s simple. The rule of is that every time a line doesn’t get a win for 50 consecutive spins, you are awarded the line bet times 50! That means you can make back everything you lost in those 50 spins. How’s that for awesome? Do you want to hear something even more amazing? Your 50 consecutive spins don’t start over when you deactivate the line. The system saves this and continues counting for you when you reactivate it again!

Fantastic, we know, but that isn’t even the end of it all. What if you want to take a break from fabulous online slots for a little while? Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to worry about losing all the progress you’ve made. Once again, the system will save your current status and continue counting for you the next time you open up Mr. Cashback from that computer! It’s incredible that our online casino offers such a great game with so many fantastic features.