Marvel Jackpot Slots

If you grew up any time in the past 60 or 70 years, then you probably had at least a few Marvel comics within your collection (alright, so they weren’t actually dubbed with that title until the sixties, but who’s counting anyway?!) Over the years, this comic book giant has grown in leaps and bounds, and they have provided the world with some of the most well-known and beloved superheroes out there. In keeping with their rich heritage of giving the people what they want, Marvel Jackpot Slots were invented to ensure that the gambling audience also received a generous helping of the excitement. Let’s take a look at what this nifty windfall is all about.

How Marvel Jackpot Slots Work

All of these online slots machines are linked to one another. This means that when you play one, you are contributing to the major kitty that is being collected for all of them. It also means that you can win the grand prize no matter which of these casino games you are playing at the time. With so many options, your chances of winning are staggeringly high, and with a prize like this one, you want all the odds on your side that you can get!

So here’s how the Marvel Jackpot Slots work.

  • There is no specific amount that you have to wager during these rounds, but it is definitely noted that the higher your wagers, the more likely you are to strike the bonus feature.
  • The bonus feature (i.e. the key to the grand prize) is awarded randomly. There is no way to ensure that you will strike the code or any chance of rigging or tricking the system. You’ll just have to play your hand and hope for some good luck!
  • When the bonus feature is activated, you are ensured a win, so that’s the really great news. The feature brings you to a separate screen that has a grid of squares waiting for you. You need to match three of the same symbol in order to collect your prize.

Marvel Jackpot Slots You Can Play

If you thought that was interesting, wait until you check out all of the available Marvel Jackpot Slots machines that you can enjoy right here at our friendly online casino, Canada. Whether you are an Incredible Hulk fan or prefer the quirky appeal of Ghost Rider, you can find your favourite comic book heroes right here. So, sign in today, and let’s get busy making the most of your time off now!