Play Magic Slots Online at Canada

Sometimes you need a little bit of magic in your life. Well, our online casino gives you Magic Slots to bring a little of the supernatural into your online casino experience. The game of Magic Slots itself is a traditional single line, 3 reel game but what makes it so magical is the accompanying Progressive Jackpot that can add some serious cash to the coffers. A small portion of each bet you make on Magic Slots goes into a larger pot of money and if you get the magic winning combination you may be the one to scoop the magic prize!

How to Play Magic Slots at our Canadian Casino

The game of Magic Slots operates in the same way as most of the online slots games at Canada. First of all you place your bet by choosing “Bet Max” or by choosing the relevant type and number of coins. Remember that the higher the bet the more you can win. Once you are satisfied with your bet, you press “Spin” to rotate the reels, and hope for a winning 3 symbol combination to appear. Such symbols include Hat and Gloves, Diamond Ring, Dice, 3 bars, 2 bars and 1 bar.

The Magic Slots Progressive Jackpot and Bonus Game

Magic Slots at Canadian Casino gives you not just one but two chances to win some extra cash while playing this game.

The first of those is to register a combination of 3 Hats and Gloves, winning you the incredible Progressive Jackpot. That is as long as you have selected “Bet Max” of course. Once the Progressive Jackpot has been won, it is cleared and starts over again.

The second of these is the Bonus Game that comes into play when you “Bet Max” and then get a combination of 3 Magic Wands on the reel. The Bonus Game will ask you to choose 1 out of 4 hats, each one with a different prize associated.

Play Online Magic Slots Now!

Download the Canadian software today and start playing Magic Slots in our fantastic online casino. There are a number of other online casino games at such as Crazy 7 and Jungle Boogie so make sure to check out the full selection.

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