Play Little Britain Slots Online at Canada

Aside from the completely madcap lineup of characters on these online slots, Little Britain offers a wacky amount of bonus features. We’ll try to cover them all, but if we’ve left one out, you can always access it when you play these enthralling reels today!

Little Britain Bonus Features

Wild Card: The logo is the wild symbol for these online casino games, and it will work on anything except the scatter symbol.

Bonus Rounds: There are actually five bonus rounds, one represented by each character from the reels. You spin the bonus symbol (a wheel) to find out who will host your specific bonus. If you already know the characters from the Little Britain show, then each of these rounds will be particularly amusing to you. Even if you aren’t aware of their quirks, though, it will be entertaining nonetheless! The beauty of these rounds is that you earn multipliers and free rounds at our online casino when you win.

  • Vicky Pollard is the first option for bonus status. She’s a lazy loafer, to say the least, and during her round, you are charged with the task of finding something to occupy her time. Each successful activity that you suggest will bring you further into the bonus round, increasing your gains.
  • Lou Todd and Andy Pipkin are up next. Lou is always trying to please Andy, but that is not an easy task at all. In this round, you are going to try to give Andy different items. If the gifts are well received, then you keep going. Otherwise, three strikes and you’re out!
  • Marjorie Dawes is anything but a foodie, at least according to her diet plan! Help Marjorie reveal the best meal plan for you in this bonus round, and, yes, we’re counting calories here so watch that meter doesn’t get too high!
  • Little Britain is nothing if it’s not open-minded (well, then maybe it is nothing!) and the “vast” gay population can attest to this free spirited community. Daffyd is the big gay guy who is not afraid to show it. He is dressing for success today, and it is your job to help him land a handsome catch. Can you match up his wardrobe for the perfect threads?
  • Emily Howard needs a quick crash course in being a lady, on account of her, being a him! Find the right feminine products to help her…er…him out!

Little Britain & Other Slots Online

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