Play La Chatte Rouge Slots Online at Canada

Do red velvet curtains and white, fluffy boas mean anything to you? If you are familiar with the traditional style of a French burlesque nightclub or cabaret, then they sure do! Just the name suggests that there is going to be some racy happenings going on behind those curtains (we blush to even translate the term!) and you can cut into the action with the online slots we like to call La Chatte Rouge. If you are up for the challenge of this smoking hot version, then get ready to spin!

La Chatte Rouge Features

What kind of symbols would you want to see at an online casino burlesque show like this one? We have crisp red roses, a bottle of champagne chilling for later, and some sexy high heels that are suggestively empty! La Chatte Rouge also has specialty items:

Wild Symbol: There is a mask-topped WILD word all done up in lights as the wild card. This symbol fills in for any icon other than the other two specialty symbols, and it has an impressive final act. Get five of them to pop up on the reels at once, and you are looking at 10,000 points added to your bankroll. That’s an awful lot of online casino games you can enjoy!

Scatter Symbol: The frisky blonde wearing a red masquerade mask is your scatter, and she has quite a few tricks to show you! In addition to some wild excitement, she’s offering you 23 free rounds with a possible three times your gains!

Bonus Features: The rabbit peeking out of the top hat is the bonus symbol, and this has a fabulous incentive for finding it. You can receive 500 times your line bet when you do! The bonus round also lets you choose between dancers to determine how many free spins you get. Wild combos are tripled during these rounds!

La Chatte Rouge & Other Games

We have no doubt that you are going to need a chiller after all this heat, so we are suggesting some much tamer versions for a little while! Crazy 7 sounds like it would be wild, but in fact it doesn’t have half the fire that La Chatte Rouge sports and you can enjoy this classic version without worrying about setting off the alarm! Jungle Boogie also has a low-key profile, so you can enjoy these reels as much as you’d like without fear. Once you’ve toned down a bit, you can always jump back into the action with all of our other thrilling versions. Join Canada now, and have a blast!