Play Kong The 8 Wonder Slots Online at Canada

Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World has long been known as the largest misunderstood creature that exists, well, maybe next to the loch ness monster (he’s really just a cuddly serpent when you get to know him!) That’s probably why he’s been given a shot at starring on the big screen. And, you know what, he’s done a bang up job at it! If you’d seen the box office hit, you know what an exciting film this is, and you are probably almost as excited as we are to play the online casino version! So, let’s not waste time talking about it, and just jump right in!

Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World is not like other online casino games in so many ways. The most prominent one, though, is the fact that there is dual playing going on constantly. You have the choice to start playing in either Big City or Jungle mode, and both have some thrilling aspects (so we suggest you try them both!)

Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World Jungle Mode Bonus

The Skull Island bonus round is a dark and foreboding bog that none dare come in. You are tasked with the job of hunting down wild animals. Collect three of the same kind, and you’ll receive the cash prize you were hoping for. Each creature has a different value, so opt for the higher paying animals whenever you can. Best prize payout, of course, goes to the mammoth monkey himself, so keep your eyes peeled for big footprints!

Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World Big City Mode Bonus

The City Tower bonus is the Big City mode bonus feature. This is done in a familiar scene for anyone who has seen the movie. Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World is trapped on top of one of the city’s highest skyscrapers, and there are fighter planes buzzing around his head. You need to swat them down before they make you fall. Take down an airplane to discover the prize within.

The most fun that you’ll have with this online slots machine is when the modes are switched from one to the next. When you trigger the Skull Island bonus feature, for example, it will end by bringing you back to the Big City mode, and not the Jungle mode. You’ll have to readjust your thinking to acclimate yourself to your current surroundings. The City Tower bonus feature, on the other hand, will deliver you into the humid clutches of Jungle mode. This happens constantly, so you are pretty much guaranteed to have a blast all the time!