Play Jurassic Island at Canada

Make no bones about it, there is plenty to get your teeth into on the prehistoric Jurassic Island - just make sure that one of its inhabitants isn’t sinking its gnashers into you! This is the place that time forgot as dinosaurs roam the barren landscape under a blood-red sky looking for their next tasty meal. And hoping to avoid becoming an appetising starter for one of our extinct friends is a monocled Victorian hunter suitably equipped with deerstalker and the obligatory Imperial moustache. He’s on the hunt for the scalps of raptors, pterodactyls and anything that moves in a bid to win cash prizes in our online casino. Bite the bullet and start dispatching those dangerous dinos.

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Be enraptured by the raptors

With rifle in hand, it’s time to go hunting on the world’s wildest island, but be careful because you might just trip over the skull of a triceratops which is probably no bad thing considering five of them pay x150 times your stake. Sometimes, being face to face with a drooling raptor has its advantages, too, because these biting blighters act as the wild symbol and expand to fill the whole of either reels two, three or four whenever you strike a winning combination. If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, grab a piece of the action at online casino games where we never shoot blanks!

Game on at Jurassic Island

It’s usually safer hunting in packs and it’s no exception on Jurassic Island because when three scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels you get to choose one of four fantastic bonus features: The Multiplier, Carnivore or Raptor free spins. However, you can also test your prowess with a gun in your hand in Hot Shot Hunter in which you line up the crosshair over a dinosaur and score between one and 10 times your stake when you hit the target. Whether the dinosaurs are in the air or on the ground, you’ll have a great time ridding the island of these pests. White dinosaurs are potentially the most lucrative so set your sights well! Jurassic Island is the ultimate in big-game hunting, so shoot to kill at online slots where the action never stops.