Play Hot Gems Slots Online at Canada

There is a zany miner who is looking for his windfall, and maybe you can be the one to help him find it. He’s been digging with that pickaxe for a long time, and he’s getting tired. But what’s that he finds behind the crack in the wall? A floodgate of Hot Gems that are his for the taking. Maybe this kindly stranger will share his findings with you in these online slots that are as thrilling to play as the introduction is to watch! Take a gander now.

Hot Gems Highlights

Hot Gems has some sparkling good features that you can enjoy at our online casino whenever you want. The five reels play across 25 paylines, and, an unusual touch for the reels, you have to keep all 25 open for all rounds. This enables the collapsing feature that we’ll discuss below. The reel icons are all the usual baubles you would want to see in sparkling colours a plenty. There are also wagonloads of the jewels that you will be carting off to your bank account and the famed pickaxe that will make you your fortune in the end of the day.

One of the coolest features you can find in any of our online casino games is the collapsing reels feature. This means that, when triggered, the reels will fold down and away, revealing more symbols and creating the opportunity for multiple wins with each spin and a whole lot of gains for you!

Hot Gems & Other Casino Games

Hot Gems is not the only kind of entertainment that we serve up in this joint. We deliver the greatest variety in the easiest way possible, all on our free gambling site! Gold Rally is actually quite the entertainer. There is something comical about the characters that people are magnetically drawn to. Oh, and that heaping large progressive jackpot doesn’t dissuade folks, either! Be the first of your friends to walk away from our fabulous remote access gambling arena with a giant stack of cash, all for you! Like the movies? Sure you do, who doesn’t? Well you can find all those great classics in the background of Cinerama. Another way to make money fast, these reels are filled with some icons that are sure to conjure up great memories. Whatever you are in the mood for, we have that in stock. So get over to Canada fast, and be an instant winner who is out to have a good time!