Play Gold Rally Slots Online at Canada

It is time to recreate the days of the Gold Rush and get rich by playing Gold Rally progressive slots at our casino online. This is a game for the cash hungry folks out there and with an incredible jackpot opportunity; there is a chance you could strike gold today!

How to Play Gold Rally

This is a game that is especially popular with our more experienced players. There are eight paylines and three reels which is quite unique for online slots games. This game has no wild symbol and has a fixed betting amount which in many ways adds to its simplicity. There is also a cute bonus feature just to add a little spice to an otherwise straightforward game.

The fixed betting amount in Gold Rally is two dollars per line meaning that each spin will cost you $16. While this is one of the more expensive progressive slots games at our online casino, the huge cash prizes certainly make it extremely attractive, particularly our progressive jackpot.

The progressive jackpot is constructed by taking a small amount out of the bet of each player playing this particular game. This pot builds up and up and up until one lucky player wins the jackpot of potentially a six figure sum at which point it is reset and we start all over again. So the more you play, the more the jackpot expands and the more there is to win!

Gold Rally Bonus Feature

Click on one of the dynamite sticks in the corners of your screen to be taken to the bonus feature. Once there you will be required to select 2 mines from the treasure map to reveal your bonus cash prize. There are varying levels of prizes to be won so here’s wishing the best for you!

Play Gold Rally Now!

Download the Canadian casino games online software and set up a real money account to start going for gold straight away. You should also try one of our other progressive online slots casino games such as Cinerama or Diamond Valley to also have a chance of incredible prizes at Canada.