Play Gladiator Jackpot Slots Online at Canada

We live in a society in which fighting is not generally condoned. W try to teach our children that it’s not right to hurt other people, and we do our best to set the same example with our own actions. It wasn’t so long ago, however, when the culture actually lauded fighting as a sport and promoted the man-to-man combat of contestants, drawing crowds from far and wide. A range of casino games attest to this archaic drive for a good fistfight and our Gladiator Jackpot is just one of the most exciting from the selection. If you enjoy a good boxing match now and again, then these reels will give you the kind of action you are looking for!

Gladiator Jackpot & Highlights

The fight scenes in these rounds are terrific, but more importantly, the Gladiator Jackpot is a tremendous windfall that could be yours when you play these online slots at Canada now!

Wild Symbol: The helmet acts as a wild card here, and you can put this in place for other symbols to win.

Scatter Symbol: The Coliseum is the scatter symbol, and it will open up the bonus round we discuss below. Hit three of them to get things started.

Bonus Features: There are two, count them two, bonus rounds to enjoy while you collect the Gladiator Jackpot at our online casino, and both have phenomenal payouts of their own. The Coliseum bonus round stands you in the middle of stone architecture fitting of the times, and you are given a task to choose your prizes. You can get multiple gratis spins, a choice between scatter and wild symbols and multipliers to up your gains even more. The other bonus round is less glamourous, but you could possibly win up to forty-five times your line bet, and that is a BIG bonus in our opinion!

Gladiator Jackpot For Free

We have other options as well. Triple Profits has three paylines and nine reels, making it a novel concept as well as design. Oh, and just to throw in some more fun, it’s a multi spin variety as well! This means you get to keep the icons you want on the reels and discard the rest. It’s a near impossible miss, so get busy winning now!

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