Fortress charge Online Slot Review


Do you have what it takes to defeat ogres, scorpions, a snake villain, and other dangers to collect a prize located in a castle? If so, then the Fortress Charge slot game is for you. Beware, it is unlike any other slot game at CA. Instead of matching three or more symbols on a payline, wins are created when one of the game's five heroes can pass through a row without being stopped.

The heroes can land on the first reel and advance across the six-reel game board until they ultimately reach the castle or find a foe they can't defeat. Get all the details in this CA slot game review.


  • Game Type: 6 reels, 3 rows, 3 paylines
  • RTP: 96.45%
  • Volatility: High
  • Theme: Fantasy
  • Provider: Crazy Tooth Studios and  Microgaming
  • Minimum bet $: 0.10
  • Maximum bet $: 30
  • Release Year: 2021


The Fortress Charge is a different kind of slot game. Thanks to the CA Practice Mode, you can test out the game and get comfortable playing it for free before placing real money wagers.


There is only one way to successfully complete a quest and get to keep all the money that's waiting for you; register your online casino account and make a deposit. It's a quick and easy process; just click on the images below and fill in the registration form and select your preferred payment method to make your first deposit. Along with access to real money games, like Fortress Charge, you'll also receive an exclusive Welcome Package that can be used when playing your favourite casino games. The bonus offers are frequently updated, so make sure to visit the Promotions page for the latest offers.


The Red Castle has a top prize of $30,000 that can be won when making the $30 max bet. The hero may have the chance to double that prize to $60,000 if he finds a 2x multiplier on his quest to the castle.


To begin playing Fortress Charge, place your bet and click on the Spin button. If one or more of the five heroes land on the first reel, they will have a chance to progress to the space adjacent to it. On reels 2-4 they may find villains, boulders, and spikes that can defeat them. There are also shields, weapons, and potions that can be used to help defeat the enemy and progress to the next space. The round is over when the hero reaches the castle and wins the money, or is stopped by the villains.

  • Coins and How the Betting Works: There are 25 stake sizes, ranging from the minimum $0.10 bet to the $30 maximum bet.
  • Symbol: There are five heroes
    • Beast: The beast can beat the ogre and advance to the next space
    • Dragon: The dragon can defeat the ogre and spikes
    • Elf: The elf can defeat the scorpion
    • Dwarf: The dwarf can destroy the boulder
    • Knight: The knight can kill the scorpion and snake lady villains

There are also five villain symbols. Each time the hero defeats one of the villains, you will receive a payout. The value of a villain doubles when you defeat the same one multiple times on a single quest.

  • Ogre: This villain can beat the elf, dwarf, and knight
  • Scorpion: The scorpion will stop the beast, dragon, and dwarf heroes from advancing
  • Spikes: The beast, elf, dwarf, and knight won't be able to get past the spike villain
  • Boulder: The boulder will stop the beast, dragon, elf, and knight from advancing
  • Snake Lady: The snake lady can destroy the beast, dragon, elf, and dwarf heroes.

There are three castle symbols:

White Castle: Has payout that ranges from 10x – 14.5

Purple Castle: Has a payout range from 15x – 75x

Red Castle: has a payout range from 100x – 1000x

There is also a blank space that the hero can advance to without receiving a reward or risking death

  • Wild: There is no Wild Symbol in Fortress Charge
  • Bonus Symbols: There are seven accessory symbols that can help you defeat the villains. They don't have a cash value when collected but can help you earn a payout by defeating the villains
    • Fire Potion: Defeats the spikes
    • Spear: Defeats the ogre
    • Wooden Shield: Defeats the scorpion
    • Shiny Shield: Defeats the scorpion and snake lady
    • Magic Wand: Defeats all villains
    • Fireball: A fireball can come down from the top of the reels and get rid of one villain.
    • 2x Multiplier: Doubles the cash prizes that are won after the 2X is collected
  • Scatter Symbol: There is a treasure chest symbol that can distribute a cash prize when one of the heroes advances to the space where it is located.
  • Bonus Features: There are no Bonus Features in Fortress Charge


Crazy Tooth Studios and Microgaming teamed up to create a stunning online slot game experience. The animations and sound effects are on the level of some console video games, which helps bring the Fantasy-themed game to life. It was developed using HTML5 technology, allowing it to adjust its size to be played on mobile devices as well. While the game works in landscape and portrait mode, it is recommended that you play while holding your phone in landscape mode for the best experience. There are no special downloads or apps required to play on your Android or iOS device, although using the CA app is more convenient than logging in through your mobile browser.


Fortress Charge has a fixed RTP of 96.45%

The red castle can be worth as much as 1,000x your bet, making it the game's jackpot symbol. If you make the max $30 bet, the jackpot can be worth as much as $60,000

The top-paying win is $61,200. To win this prize, you'll need to start by making the $30 max bet. Your hero's first step will need to be the 2x multiplier. If the treasure chest symbol, which has a top payout of 10x, appears on reels 3 and 4, each one is worth $600, and then the final space has a red castle with the max 1,000x prize.

Fortress Charge is compatible with most Android and iOS devices.


If you're an experienced online slot game player, Fortress Charge might take some time to get used to. But trust us, it is worth the wait. It's a high variance slot game, which means that while it doesn't trigger a lot of wins, the wins are often bigger than average, thanks to the high-paying castle symbols. Register your CA account today and make a deposit for your chance at defeating the villains and winning real money.