Play Fishing With Buddies Slots Online at Canada

There are few leisure time activities that men enjoy more than a good day out on the lake. The relaxing calm that washes over a person as he sits and waits for a nibble with nothing at all on his mind and no worries on his plate is indescribable and certainly priceless! Well, now you can create that same feeling of peace and tranquility from your own home (as long as no one else is around to burst your bubble, of course!) with the new Fishing with Buddies option at our online casino. It’s a playful version with a group of bears as the stars of the reels, and an aim to entertain you in a fun and light-hearted way. If you are in the mood of spending a quiet day out on the water but can’t get away, then cast your line for these online slots, and take the next best thing. You might even prefer it over the original!

Fishing With Buddies Features

Fishing with Buddies is a five reel, twenty payline style with adorable animation that will keep you chuckling all day long. The standard reel symbols include a bucket of bait, a line and friendly looking bear. The extra symbols will be discussed below.

Wild Symbol: The wild symbol is set in front of a group of sea plants in various colours. You can earn up to five thousand credits for striking this icon, so find it fast!

Scatter Symbol: The logo of Fishing with Buddies is the scatter symbol, earning you more points and prizes.

Bonus Features: Get the crab symbol to activate a five times your wager amount feature, but hold out for more because there is. A two-stage bonus round is awaiting all eligible players, and you will really enjoy casting your lot into this one.

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