Play Dragon Kingdom Slots Online at Canada

Do you dream at nights of the lore and beauty of those mythical creatures that spread their wings and unleash their fiery fury upon the world? If you would enjoy the thrilling chase of pursuing these dramatic and dangerous flying wonders, then you should step into the Dragon Kingdom and test your skills against the most fearsome of them all!

Dragon Kingdom   Dragon Kingdom   Dragon Kingdom

Dragon Kingdom Features

Dragon Kingdom has a stunning setup with deep colours and dramatic features. There is no telling what you will find within the spell books or what those potions can do. We will tell you what the extra symbols do, though!

Wild Card: Who better than the fire-breathing menace himself to act as the wild card for these online slots? You’ll get an impressive payout for these symbols, but what’s even more entertaining is the dramatic effect that comes with a match. The symbol will spew a spray of fire that walls up into the word wild and then melts away.

Scatter Symbol: The logo is your scatter symbol this time, and that’s one icon you are going to want to see showing up frequently. That’s because it can award fifteen complimentary rounds at our online casino, and that says nothing about the potential of continuously scoring bigger and bigger jackpots throughout these free spins!

Bonus Features: There is an exciting bonus feature that involves the fifth reel. Whenever the egg symbol appears on this reel, something amazing happens. The egg cracks open, letting out a spawning create who breathes a ball of fire that splits one of the symbols down the middle.

Dragon Kingdom & Other Casino Games

Dragon Kingdom is just one of the kinds of online casino games that we host. If you aren’t into the dramatic renditions, then you can find your fancy in one of our other stupendous options like these:

Diamond Valley has a similar story to Fruit Mania in that they both seem to be nothing but your run of the mill options until you see the giant progressive jackpot skyrocketing!

Magic Slots actually has a story that strts out much the same way as the two mentioned above. This appears to be just another classic single line option. The thing with this version, though isn’t its hefty jackpot win (where would the fun be if we always had the same features popping up all over the place?) Instead, it hosts a bonus round that is counted up to with the help of the playing card on the side of the board.

Come inside and find all the fun that you’ve been missing right now!