Play Cops N’ Bandits Slots Online at Canada

Cops N' Bandits is the hilarious casino online version of your early days rendition played on countless summer afternoons with friends and siblings. Now you can keep the criminals at bay during these exciting rounds that just might earn you some spending money while you are at it!

Cops N’ Bandits Features

As online casino games go, Cops N' Bandits has a lot of perks going for it. There is the idea that you are nabbing the crooks, and that’s always a pleasant feature, but there are also plenty of specialty symbols that you’ll want to utilize.

Wild Card: The wild card is the word wild printed again a brick wall and in the spot light. You can use this to complete a combination for the win. Rack up enough of these, and you’ll enjoy the payouts as well.

Scatter Symbol: The badge of justice is the scatter symbol, and you want to find as many as you can because you’ll get to enter the bonus round if you do.

Bonus Round: Are you any good at identifying faces? Well that’s just what you’ll be called on to do in the Line Up bonus round. Criminals will line up, and you’ll be asked which one is the perp. Don’t worry, they’re behind glass and can’t see you!

BCops N’ Bandits & Other Online Slots

When you’re done with Cops N' Bandits, come try a different variety. Who doesn’t prefer being able to take control rather than be led blindly, directed in whichever course fate serves up? We would all like to have a say in what goes on before it happens, no doubt, and that is one of the reasons that our multi spin options are so famously popular. This style of online slots allows you to take the reins, at least to some extent. By adding the hold functionality, players are able to decide, to a certain degree, which symbols will appear during their play.

  • Ugga Bugga: If you like native cuisine, then this is an inviting version for you. During these rounds, you’ll see reels filled to the brim with tasty treats and cultural cuisine. Just so long as you don’t mind the occasional god poking around, you’ll get a kick out of this one!
  • Tropic Reels is another multi spin option with a jungle feel as the setting. Check out the toucans, the exotic looking frogs and the juicy citrus-filled fruits that line these reels. Just watch out for those danged mosquitos!"