Play Bermuda Triangle Slots Online at Canada

Some time in the 1950’s, a legend began to circulate. It had to do with a mysterious, supernatural section of water that sucked in boats and airplanes. The crews from these vehicles were never to be heard from again. This paranormal death trap was the source of much discussion, and eventually earned the title of the Devil or Bermuda Triangle. Whether the stories are true or not, one thing we know for certain; this makes for one hell of a casino games online gambling premise and the fans of our online casino absolutely love it! If you enjoy the style that comes from a simple but energetic classic option, then you want to take the Bermuda Triangle for a spin today!

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Bermuda Triangle Highlights

Bermuda Triangle is a basic style with a little more juice than usual. There are three rows, but instead of a single payline, you are given five paylines to work with. This makes scoring successful matches a lot easier. The common symbols include the usual objects that you would expect to find if you know anything about the tales. There are ships, airplanes, giant squids and other marine life floating about. The setting is a lighting flanked, stormy weathered screen that screams ‘trouble is a brewing’ from one corner to the next.

Bermuda Triangle doesn’t have the usual extra features that many people enjoy from the bigger casino games. In other words, if you are into the bonus rounds, wild cards and scatters, you should opt for one of our other fabulous options! If you are looking for smooth, easy and classic fun, though, then you’ll get that in spades right here.

Bermuda Triangle & Other Online Slots

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