Play Battle of the Gods Online Slot at CA

It’s epic Battle of Gods, as the Titans rise to challenge the Gods in this 25 payline slot machine at CA. According to Greek mythology, the Titans were giants with amazing strength and were the original Gods and Goddesses. Then came the Olympians who overthrew the Titans and have been in power ever since.

Playtech is giving the Titans a chance to retake their throne as they battle it out on this Online Slot Game. Both the Titans and Gods have a free spin mode, but only the Gods can create the X mode feature which pays out a 5x your bet. Get all the details here in the game review.

Game Features

  • Game Type: 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 paylines
  • RTP:94.04%
  • Volatility: High
  • Theme: Greek Mythology
  • Release Year: 2014

Play for Real Money

They may be Gods and Titans, but they only show up for real money punters. Register your account and get in the game today. Click on the image below to get started, and after your account is ready, you can make your first deposit. There is a wide range of secure payment method options to transfer funds to your new account. Once the transfer is complete, you’ll receive a Welcome Bonus to help get you started. For all the latest offers, check out the promotion page.


The Wild symbol has 10,000x jackpot if you get 5 in a row. Make the max $50 line bet, and you could be in for a huge $500,000 jackpot win.


With an adjustable 25 paylines and up to 99 straight games on autoplay, Battle of the Gods is a fully customizable slot game. All wins must go from left to right, beginning with the first reel on the left.

  • Coin Size The smallest coin that you can use is 1p, which is also the minimum bet if you only activate a single line. However, if you use the largest coin, which is $50, and activate all 25 paylines, you’ll be looking at a maximum bet of $1,250
  • Symbols: Both the Gods and Titans have 5 symbols, the gods have a blue background, and the Titans have a red background. The symbols have a top payout range of 1,500x – 100x, and there are no lower value symbols. The top symbol for both the Gods and Titans is an Extra Wild Symbol and is needed to go from one mode to another. You can see the complete paytable in the chart below.  
  • Wild: The wild symbol can substitute for any symbol on the reels, except the scatter. It is the overall most valuable symbol with a max payout of 10,000x the line bet.
  • Scatter: The Greek Acropolis can trigger the bonus spin feature when you land 3 anywhere on the reels.
Symbols 2x on Reels 3x on Reels 4x on Reels 5x on Reels
Wild 50x 500x 3,000x 10,000x
Scatter 1x 5x 25x 200x
Zeus 4x 30x 300x 1,500x
Chronos 4x 30x 300x 1,500x
Poseidon - 15x 100x 400x
Atlas - 15x 100x 400x
Hestia - 10x 70x 250x
Rheia - 10x 70x 250x
Uranus - 8x 50x 150x
Gain - 8x 50x 150x
Chaos - 5x 30x 100x
Coeus - 5x 30x 100x
  • Features: During any spin in the base game, you can trigger the “X Feature” when you have any 5 God symbols forming an X on reels 2, 3, and 4. When this happens, you’ll win 5 times your line bet.

    The bonus spin feature has two modes, God and Titan. It takes three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger this feature, and you’ll always start in God Mode and finish in Titan Mode.
    • Gods Mode – All Titan symbols are removed from the reels leaving just the 5 God symbols on the reels, with the important exception of the leader of the Titans, Chronus. There is no set number of bonus spins in God mode, and you’ll stay in God Mode until Chronus appears on reel 3, only then will you be switched over to Titan Mode.
    • Titan’s Mode – You’ll continue this feature with 8 additional bonus spins. Now the Gods, except for Zeus, have been removed from the reels. If he lands on reels 3 before the 8 spins are up, you’ll go back to the unlimited spin in God Mode, and the cycle can repeat it.

Mobile Experience

Playtech’s Battle of the Gods is available on all mobile devices and can be played in both landscape and portrait modes. There are some nice customisation features, such as “left-hand” mode, which moves the spin button to the left side to make it easier for left-handed punters. Press down on the Spin button to open the auto-spin menu and choose the number of spins and a loss limit to begin. The overall design fits nicely with the smaller mobile screens, and the buttons have been optimized to fit nicely without being too big or small.


The dark colours of the symbols give off a brooding almost Armageddon-type feel to this game. But once you get going, the symbols light up when they partake in a win, and it’s quite enjoyable. The 10,000x jackpot and unlimited bonus spin feature really elevate this game to the level of the Gods and Titans. Who do you want to win in this battle? Register your account and and perhaps you’ll be the real winner between the Gods and Titans.