Play Santa Scratch Online at Canada

Unless you are one of those people who really hates the cold, then Christmas time is a winter wonderland of excitement and opportunity. Everyone is filled with a giddiness that is bubbling up inside of them in anticipation for the big holiday season, and the chill is actually pleasant especially when it is topped off with a light dusting of soft white snow. There is definitely magic in the air during this time of year, and you can take advantage of that wonderful feeling whenever you want by playing our Santa Scratch cards. Join the jolly St. Nick on his journey across the globe to deliver presents and good cheer to everyone around, and, who knows, if you were very good this year, you just might get exactly what you asked for!

Santa Scratch Setup

To look at the screen of the Santa Scratch offs is to already be transported into a happier, better place. The snow is covering the world in pristine, white beauty, and there are stars twinkling in the sky. Santa Claus is sitting in his sled, ready to hand out gifts to one and all, and there are actually candy canes growing up from the snow-covered ground. The online scratch card games are covered with delicate snowflakes, and can you really be neutral in the presence of such beauty?

How to Play Santa Scratch

As you admire the surroundings, the round begins. Just tell the system how much you are going to spend on the card, and then click on the big yellow Play button. This will turn into a Scratch All button so that you don’t have to busy yourself with clicking on all nine of the squares that make up the online casino game board and the red prize box as well. Of course, if you enjoy clicking on each one individually, then go right ahead, and play the way that you will have fun. After all, that’s why you are at our online casino, to have fun your way!

Whether you uncover the boxes manually or automatically, the results are the same. If you find three Santa’s in a row, then you will collect the prize value that is displayed in the prize box above the game board. Otherwise, you’ll just get to enjoy seeing all of the festive icons such as reindeer, winter snow globes, presents, candles, stocking, gingerbread men, tree ornaments and more. Don’t worry, you can keep trying until the sun comes up, and we think, once you get started, you might do just that!