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3D Roulette Premium is one of the most exceptional online casino games out there, owing to its astonishing three-dimensional effect. No need for 3D glasses here – the graphics are so incredible that the wheel seems to come out of the screen three-dimensionally, creating the feeling of actually standing round the table at a land-based casino.

About 3D Roulette Premium

3D Roulette Premium is easy to understand as it is played in the same way as the classic version. You’ll place bets on the table in the different betting areas by clicking with your mouse to place chips. Then, just press the ‘Spin’ button to spin the wheel and set that little ball spinning. If the ball lands on one of your numbers or betting areas then you’ll win. Simple as that!

The wheel is made up of 37 spaces – 0-36, alternating between red and black. When you place bets you have a couple of options. You can bet on a number (including 0) or on a series of numbers. You can also bet on alternative options such as red/black, or odds/evens. Even though these alternate bets pay out less, they are a good betting strategy because you have greater odds of winning than when betting on specific numbers.

3D Roulette Premium is so realistic that even the music makes you feel like you’re standing at the actual Roulette wheel. There are realistic clinking sounds when the ball spins around the wheel and eventually lands in its position, along with classy casino music whilst you place your bets. This, plus the three-dimensional look-and-feel, creates a very lifelike appearance through your screen.

Playing 3D Roulette Premium

Being a premium version, 3D Roulette Premium appeals to all you serious Roulette players out there, because it has some special betting options and payouts. But this game’s main attraction is its top-quality graphics and authentic sound effects. Before you start playing, make sure that you are familiar with all the betting areas and options of the version, so that you can come up with an optimal betting strategy. Even better, play it in free mode first to get used to the version.

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