Play Blackjack Switch Online at Canada

When talking about alternative casino games online, this one is a classic. Just like regular online Blackjack, the twist with Blackjack Switch is that you can seriously increase your chance of winning by playing two hands at the same time - and choosing to switch the top cards in your hands with each other.

How to Play Online Blackjack Switch

The first step is to place equal bets for the two hands you are playing. After receiving your cards, you must choose to “stand”, “hit” or “split” but not before you have had the chance to click “Switch” which swaps around the top cards from each hand. You can then continue playing each hand or you can choose to “switch back” to the original hands you were dealt. You must really pay attention to the fact that switching the top two cards may give you two new hands that are actually better than the ones you were originally dealt. What an opportunity!

Continue to play each hand as you would when playing traditional Blackjack. Doubling up before and after splitting is permitted but re-splitting is not. After the dealer has played, you can see the result of the game but take note that the dealer is not bust until it surpasses 22 as opposed to the regular 21.

Blackjack Switch Payouts

Because of your clear advantage in this game, the dealer takes some of that back by only paying out 1:1 for “Blackjack” as opposed to the usual 3:2.

Try Our Luck with Online Blackjack Switch!

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