Play Blackjack Surrender Online at Canada

Sometimes you get dealt a bad hand and have no choice to play it and hope for the best. Playing Blackjack Surrender at Canada gives you the chance to surrender your original deal. At our online casino, you can play Blackjack Surrender in a variety of modes and with multiple hands at any one time.

Differences between Traditional Blackjack and Blackjack Surrender

The main difference between online blackjack and Blackjack Surrender is you are able to surrender your cards, sacrificing 50% of the original bet. It is never fun to give up your money, but it is certainly a better option than losing your entire original bet.

How to Place bets at Blackjack Surrender

First place a bet of between $1 and $300 for each hand. Click 'Deal' and receive two cards for each hand you are playing. The dealer tells you the total per hand and you will see which hand is active by the arrow. Like regular blackjack, you choose to 'Stand', 'Hit' or 'Double', but now you also have the option to choose 'Surrender', sacrificing half of your original bet no matter what happens to the dealer.

Play Online Blackjack Surrender!

This is the perfect game for those players who feel that they sometimes just get dealt a bad hand and wish they could start over. Although the name of the game is Blackjack Surrender, at Canadian you can look at it as a smart short term move to ensure that you have more money left to play with later, increasing your chances to win cash prizes in the long run. Simply download's easy-to-use software and you are ready to play casino games online. We also have other amazing card games, such as Blackjack games like Pontoon or Blackjack Switch.